Ordering legal stuff the same way you order the illegal stuff

December 19, 2015

In the past few years, I lived in many cities where buying “illegal goods” was very well organized. In Montreal, you simply have send a text message (SMS) to a number, they confirm your address and a few minutes later an agent shows up with a full inventory to chose from.

When you order a pizza, it’s the opposite. You have to go on a website, click a few times on a few options. Enter your address, get it verified, confirm it and then place your order. Unless you are a very picky pizza eater, you most probably order the same kind every time and it’s usually one of the top selection: all dressed, pepperoni, cheese or vegetarian.

What if you could order pizza in a more efficient way? Here’s what I suggest: do it the way the drug dealers do it!

That’s why we built: chirpee.ca. We are starting this with Pizza delivery.


If you have ideas, comments or suggestions please contact me via email : sleiman@tanios.ca