Building a WordPress plugin for coffee bloggers

December 5, 2015

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite coffee bloggers reached out to me about her blog. She said she wants to use the Adbeus data for her posts. When she writes about a coffee shop, instead of looking for the address, the opening hours, etc, she was wondering if we had an easy way to keep the info up to date.

That’s where I got  the idea: we should provide a simple tool for bloggers to use with their WordPress site. The tool would allow them to link an article they wrote to a coffee shop in our database. The coffee details would be showing at the bottom of the post. This information is pulled dynamically from our Adbeus database which is kept up to date with a cool Facebook script we built.

The WordPress plugin is now available online. Check it out here:

If you have ideas, comments or suggestions please contact me via email :