Micro Moments : drinking good coffee

December 3, 2015

This is the first post of a serie we called Micro Moments. The products we build are meant to help the users optimize their day. This serie will identify real life moments where tech can intervene.

Let’s talk about coffee 

As you may know, we have a passion for coffee. We’ve been working on a few projects to help indie coffee shops get exposure and drive customers to the right shops.

The micro moment we decided to focus is the “I need a good coffee”, “I don’t want a chain”, “this is not my usual neighbourhood”, “help!”. This micro moment applies to travelers mostly but we indentified another profile, the local who’s out of the zone. For example, you have a meeting on the other side of town, you get there and you have no idea where the good coffee is. We built an app for that!

Our app Adbeus, the Indie coffee shop locator, has a great rentation rate over a period of 30 days. We know that our users will come back at least once a month to check if there’s anything new or if they are not familiar with the area they are in temporarily.

For travellers, it’s a little bit different, they will be on our app a few times a day for about three days (data collected for users travelling to Montreal).

The next challenge 

Right now, we reach the people who are already interested and who care about indie cafes. What we are trying to solve is how to get those who care for good coffee but didn’t think about indie shops yet. That’s going to be our next article.

If you have ideas, comments or suggestions please contact me via email : sleiman@tanios.ca

Featured image coffee shop