Instagram Likes: finding the right content.

January 22, 2016

A few weeks ago, we decided to up our Instagram game for Adbeus. We wrote a script to find the media posted in the coffee shops around the world that we have in our database. That’s about 1200 shops for now. Every week we save a few thousands posts that are potentially related to our account. Someone in Paris posting from Boot Cafe will be saved and added to our Like queue. From there we make sure to like the media in the next few days. Our account has been growing by about 20% weekly since we started that. 

What’s next? 

We want to make sure to optimize it. We’re adding a few tweaks to the list of photos that are going to be liked. 

  1. Check the value of the user posting the media. Active and engaging? He’s good. 
  2. How successful was that media? Low? Priority list, give them engagement. High? Keep the like for later when the image is less exposed. 
  3. Social Mesh: figure out how the users are connected. Are the people liking this media also in our queue? You want to get their attention, they are in the mesh. 

I will be posting some data soon about this experiment. Stay tuned!

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