Signe Local : the (re) launch

February 9, 2017

About one year ago, I received an email from someone looking for a web developer. I replied and we decided to get on a call. Things went well and she committed to a bank of hours. Great! Let’s start.

She sends me the credentials to the server and other relevant information. What we found was a disaster! She had been working with a local agency who delivered the slowest non-functional website I’ve seen in recent times. 

The concept of her website was to index local businesses and give them a place on the web where people can find them easily. You would expect that website to have a nice map and listing page. 

Listing+map page loading time : 1min 45sec

Obviously, the first thing we did was to improve that load speed. Without much optimization, simply by making it work the way it should, we brought it down to a normal load time.

New loading time: 6 seconds

Much better.

I’ll post a separate article with all the hilarious stuff we found in that website. I’m sure you’ll love it.

We optimized that website a lot and helped get better performance but the code base was still very bad and the WordPress relied on a lot of plugins for crucial features.

In December, I get an email with an attachment. Subject: “Nouveau design”. I’m excited she prepared mock-ups. Guess what? It was a full design! Ready for integration! Yes!!

So here we are a few weeks later, the website is live since 10pm last night! I’m writing a quick blog post to thank the team and everyone who worked on it. Amazing work!

Check it out here :