Building the adbeus coffee app

May 11, 2014

A few weeks ago, a team of mobile developers contacted us about our coffee blog adbeus. They liked what we were doing and wanted to help us build a mobile platform for it.

We agreed to do it, so here’s how we did it.

We built an API for the coffee shops database with the name, grind, location and a description. The API also included the geolocation in order to populate a map.

Our lead designer Justina worked on the apps for Android and iOS. She had to include the similar functionalities but with the native design for each platform. The main difference was the format of the thumbnail picture in iOS, she decided she wanted them round, so we had to cut them all one by one. The output is great.

SAMSAO had everything they needed to put together the native apps. They came back after a few days with a great demo, ready for testing.

We went through a few rounds of changes and finally agreed on a first release.

One more thing before we could launch, the event tracking. We wanted to use Mixpanel and in order to know what’s going on in our app. That was a cool spec to write and the team delivered. We know exactly what everyone is doing at any point in time.

The guys from SAMSAO tell you their part of the story in this blog post: The Story Behind Adbeus Coffee.

The result is a very nice, fast and useful app that you can use to find the best coffee shops in Montreal and soon more cities.

You can download it here: Adbeus App