SocialRank by Alexander Taub and Michael Schonfeld

February 26, 2014

SocialRank tells you more about your most valuable, most engaged, and best followers on Twitter. Use SocialRank to find, engage, and reward the followers that deserve it the most.

What does Most Valuable Follower (MVF) mean?

MVF tells you who your most in-demand, important, and useful follower on Twitter is (irrespective of if they interact with you). Determining your MVF takes into account a myriad of things including your followers follower reach, if they are verified, how many tweets they put out per day and many more data points. MVF is a great metric for individuals and brands looking to activate a potentially un-engaged but very “valuable” follower.

What does Most Engaged Follower (MEF) mean?

MEF tells you who, out of all your followers, has engaged with you the most in the past 30 days. This takes into account Retweets, Favorites, @ mentions (both replies and native), as well as a few more data points to make a determination. MEF may be easily determined in your mind if you only have a few followers, but this can be a headache for a brand with tens, hundreds, or even millions of followers. MEF is a great metric for individuals and brands to identify the accounts that engage with them the most. A brand can reward their MEF’s and turn them into superfans.

What does Best Follower mean?

Best Follower is the perfect combination of your most valuable and most engaged followers on Twitter. Best Follower balances your MVF and MEF to tell you who your best follower was in the past 30 days. Your Best Follower is exactly that: the person or brand that strikes a great balance of engaging with you and has the reach or importance to be a little dangerous (in a good way!). It’s important to note that just because someone is your MVF or your MEF, doesn’t mean they will be your Best Follower. The most likely scenario is that your Best Follower is not your MVF or your MEF (i.e. your Best Follower could be your #8 MVF and #2 MEF).

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